Comments from Kara, whose dog, Indy, was struggling with separation anxiety: 
"Things are definitely continuing to improve! We have been coming home to a clean apartment more often than not. His reaction to our return is also much improved. He's much calmer. Your advice has made such a difference already, and we're so grateful that things are improving!"
Comments from Brooke, whose dog, Kodi, was reactive to other dogs and people on walks: 
"...yesterday we had a wonderful walk. I almost had to check and make sure it was Kodi I was walking. We walked past dogs, people, joggers, and bike riders - all without any problems. He was even fine when people talked to me (usually he barks at them). even when dogs inside houses barked as we went by. We passed a few dogs and he just sat and looked at them for a few minutes and when I said "walk" he just started walking again - one dog was even loose. Thanks again for your help."
Comment from Brenda, whose dog, Maverick, was reactive to the groomer: 
"Thank you again for all of your advice and the answering of my endless questions. When I first contacted you, I was a little skeptical about the whole process. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do this, if Maverick would even respond, or that it would even work. I am extremely happy with the results that I am seeing with Maverick and very happy that I was wrong!" 
Comment from Amie, whose dog, Emmitt, was engaging in resource guarding behavior: 
"This morning I was in the middle of getting ready for work when I discovered Emmitt guarding one of my husband's socks. I asked him to leave it and he did without any trouble. This is absolutely amazing to me and I am so grateful to see him actually relinquishing these objects...thank you so much for your help in this!!!"

Client Comments

Comments from Tara, whose dog Tipper was having anxiety with new people:
"Thank you so much for the wonderful summary of recommendations!  John and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and were both very impressed with your quick assessment of our situation.  Your practical yet no-nonsense approach really worked well for us.  I started putting your recommendations to work immediately after you left.  Tipper and I went for a walk that night (and every night since) and with a pocket full of treats we stopped at intersections and did some basic sit and down commands.  He really enjoys his walk and I also believe that it helps identify me as the leader because I pick the route and he has begun to look at me for cues along the way."

Comment from Mary, whose puppy, Rinnie, was acting aggressively toward the other dogs and cats in the household:  
"Rinnie is doing fantastic. She's getting along really good with the dogs, she's learning her place in the pack, and I take her and the other dogs for walks every morning and they play and then nap together. She sniffs at the cats and plays with them, but when they roll over she walks away. I'm getting my life back!"

Comment from Gretchen and Rob, whose dog, Dixon, was struggling with separation anxiety and phobias:
"Our experience with you and--more to the point--with changing Dixon's behavior has been very positive.  Particularly helpful was that you offered both immediate, concrete steps--things we could change right away--and broader, longer-term goals.  When one of the immediate fixes didn't work as hoped, we were still able to keep the long-range goals in mind rather than get discouraged. The conditioning exercises you suggested, in combination with medication and time, have really had a positive effect on Dixon.  Yes, he still follows us around the house quite a bit, but sometimes he'll go downstairs on his own now or go to another room to take a nap; and sometimes when I go downstairs, he'll stay up.  These may seem like ridiculously small things to some people, but I think you'll appreciate the amount of progress he's made. (We certainly do!)"

Comment from Brian, whose dog Inti was showing anxious and obsessive behaviors:
Barbara, thank you so much for the natural flow of information and training. For me, as soon as I was able for someone to address his behavior and mine, I knew I had to go back to the way I've always worked with puppies.  He now hardly expresses strong behavior attitudes and life is more comfortable.  Thanks for paying attention and helping us move forward with these issues!

Comment from Laurie, whose dog, Newton, was exhibiting anxious and obsessive behaviors:

"Newton is doing great. He is less afraid of things now. He still gets anxious when people come over but he recovers much faster...I use your tips all the time.  I have also recommended you to anyone I know with pet issues in the Syracuse area."

Comments from past clients…