Barbara Getman joined My Pet Has Issues in 2011 and became the principal consultant in 2013. Barbara currently lives in Baldwinsville with her teenage son, husband, 1 dog, and 6 cats, and routinely fosters cats and dogs through several local rescues. She has fostered numerous animals since 2002 and has worked with countless dogs with separation anxiety, resource guarding, and food aggression. In addition to working with dogs, she has been effective in helping many cats with litter box issues, integrating other pets into a household and bringing feuding cats back together.  She and her family spend much of their spare time in the Adirondacks hiking the trails and mountains with their dogs. Barbara grew up on a farm where her love of all animals became her passion through life. Learning basic animal behavior by watching her father and grandfather on the farm, Barbara has taken the patience and calm understanding of animals to form the foundation of her career as an animal behavior consultant. 

Barbara volunteers with various animal welfare organizations (Bernards Beagle Rescue, Cuse Pit Crew, Molly's Wish, Furever After Rescue and many more) and can often be found at local events promoting adoptable dogs and cats.  She can be reached at

Amy Wallis, Ph.D. founded My Pet Has Issues and is delighted to have Barbara leading the business while she serves in an advisory role. Amy is certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and continues to consult with shelters and train others on the value of positive reinforcement in the behavior modification process